Strand Electric Patt 23 series 2 Profile spotlight with beam shaping shutters


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Strand Electric Patt 123 Fresnel soft edge spot. More details below.

Strand Electric Patt 23 series 11 profile spots with beam shaping shutters. I grew up with these profile spots and Fresnels at the Merlin Theatre Sheffield. Little did I realise at the time that they would become collectors’ items. The horrible black paint has been removed, and I have lovingly polished them up part by part to become a beautiful example of the artistic yet functional design that went into a working spotlight and has lasted for many years more than it was intended for.

I have sought out wooden tripods and mounted the lanterns on them, to enhance your living space studio or shop window, night club or even a theatre foyer.  I have replaced the 500 watt lamp down to a more suitable 70 watt energy saving lamp, but for those of you who might like to use it as a real working stage light, then I can reinstall the 500w lamp and  base to order. They can be supplied with a standard hook clamp and safety bond to fit the standard 48mm lighting bar.

These are very old stage lights and so there will be signs of bumps and scratches every one tells a tale.   I have a few ready and many more will be available afterwards.

GOBOS are etched metal designs that can be put into the “gate” of the Patt 23 Profile spot. there are thousands of images available, here are shown just 2 images, when no gobo in used the beam is circular. Gobos are purchased separately.
Patt 23 series 2 on white stand

1 x Strand Electric Patt 23 series 2 profile spotlight with shutters mounted on a wooden tripod Price £399 each inc postage in UK 





Inserting Gobos in the “Gate”

inserting Gobo


image top left, inserting the gobo,  image below,  using the shutters to cut off the light beam to only light the picture.  20151211_112651







Below  1 x Patt 123 Fresnel soft edge spot mounted on a wooden tripod Price £399 Each includes delivery in the UK 


The Patt 123 Fresnel soft edge spot was used for lighting the acting areas of the stage, these lights have been fully restored and polished making a stunning feature in your home studio or shop window. The fresnel now has a domestic 70watt energy saving lamp.

These can be converted back to a fully  operational  500 watt stage light suitable to be used on a stage, show room etc. and there is an extra charge for this to be done.  NB do not use hot stage lights in a domestic setting. When a 500watt lamp is used then it is advisable to be used in conjunction with a suitable dimmer.

For further details please call John Watson at Creative Lighting Design on 01773 712130

 Patt 123 Fresnel spotlight  Patt 123 Fresnel spotlight