Don’t take just our word for it – here are some teachers’ and students’ comments, from in-school student workshops and inset days for teachers.

“I was so impressed that I said to the SMT that we should all go down and see it in action. It was really impressive. It really brought the learning home in a real setting which involved our young people. Always better to live the learning than be told about it. The technology was excellent and the delivery was really slick. For me the workshop was of the highest quality and I would willingly recommend it to my HT colleagues. I was very quick to ask the kids on the way out of the door if they found it worthwhile? – they were all so impressed as were the Senior Managers.”
W Wight Head Teacher Hillhead High School Glasgow

“John’s workshop was the reverse of peeling away at onion layers, he literally built the “layers” of a theatre in front of our eyes and then using totally interactive techniques showed us the hows and whys of lighting. This was learning that was digestible, kinesthetic, revelatory and fun!”
Ms Nancy McClean Head of Drama, The Royal Grammar School, Guildford, November 2012

“Superb! The lighting designs were explained very clearly and thoroughly. The outstanding presentation was highly appreciated by all our pupils and has inspired them and me to design lighting for our productions with more confidence and ambition. Thank you.”
Dermot Murphy Head of Drama Testwood School Totton Southampton.

“A Huge thank you for the simply superb lighting workshop. We all learned so much, kids and adults alike… and it was a lot of fun! Superbly presented, pitched just right for the kids to access and engage. Extremely slick (despite your bad back) and informative. We look forward to putting it all into action!”
Mrs Ciru James Tanbridge House School Horsham June 2007.

“Thank you so much for the brilliant workshop. The students were quite inspired by your presentation, many describing it as “well-good”. When the next academic year calender is out I will be contacting you again with a view to booking for next year. Thanks again”
Jon Sowden Tiverton High School November 2007.

“Thank you for a fantastic day – it was enjoyed by all!”
Steve Mount Rainham Mark Grammar School Gillingham Kent September 2006.

“The students were just “Gob Smacked ” as later lessons have shown just how much they had gained. They now can’t wait to visit the theatre to put their new found knowledge into practice so much so I think they’ll only notice the lighting effects! I’ll certainly recommend you at the next Moderation Meeting.”
Ann Percival Head of Drama Thirsk School North Yorkshire.

“Fabulous lighting workshop that taught the students more in three hours than many learn in two years of A level studies. The model theatre enabled them to have a very genuine “hands on” experience, and also gave a valuable insight into the workings of larger venues.Thank you so much.”
Kate Armes Head of Drama Roedean.

“I found the whole workshop very useful, the effects demonstrated on the “theatre” really inspired the group to think imaginatively about what they could do.”
Mrs Annette  Griffen Head of Drama – Leicester Grammar School

“Reopening the Mind!”
Steven Taylor Beasley The Corsham School.

“I found this invaluable thanks.”
Simon White The Ridgeway School Wroughton Swindon.

“Very interesting and informative good opportunity for “hands on” and chance to ask questions relevant to specific needs.”
S Guppy Head of Drama Haygrove School Bridgewater.

“Excellent and informative”
John Bowley Haygrove School.

“An extremely informative day I feel I would be able to approach lighting with more confidence.”
Louise Crossley The Red Maids’ School Bristol.

“Very informative. Extremely impressed how John made everything so simple. Learnt a great deal. Would definitely recommend Creative Lighting Design workshops.”
Charlotte Wachter St Katherines School Bristol.

“Fantastic Very useful and aimed at a good level so that a complete novice like myself is feeling quite inspired and much more confident, Thank you.”
Alexis Norton Preston School Yeovil Somerset.

“Very interesting & informative, inspired me to try harder, reminded me of a lot I had forgotten. Thanks.”
Nancy Bath City of Bristol College.

“Model theatre was an idea I’ve not seen before. Very useful in making ideas clear. The new Selecon Pacific profile looks very useful especially the use of acetates to create your own gobos.”
Pete Hollamby Marlwood School Alveston South Gloucestershire.

“Enjoyable and informative!”
Bill Flute Castle School Thornbury

“Very good and interesting well presented and affordable. Right level for schools not over the top.”
G Roulson St Peters C of E Exeter.

“Enjoyable, Informative, Excellent!”
Louise Greber, and Jonathan Croose Churchill Community School, Somerset.

“Excellent – I don’t feel nearly so stupid!”
Alex Galvin Henbury School Bristol.

Teachers’ comments of the day lighting workshops.  
* indicates the school has had, or has requested my workshop.

“Excellent presentation. De-mystified many areas of stagecraft and lighting. Well worth it.”
Ian Palfreyman, Drama Teacher, Blue Coat C.E. Camp School, Birmingham.

“Excellent day. Plenty of detail. Plenty of ideas. Very effective demos.”
A Greenwood, Head of drama, Queensbury School Bradford. *

“Very useful. Informative and well presented.”
Bill Hall, Lecturer Theatre Studies, Huddersfield Technical College.

“Useful and informative. Plugged many a gap. Thanks.”
Dave Johnson, Senior Manager, Batley High School.*

“Very informative, I liked the way the theatre was constructed. I would like more tips on creating effects, when you have no lighting resources apart from an overhead projector!”
Sandy O’Connor, Performing Arts Teacher, Wyke Manor Bradford.*

“An excellent course, most informative and just what I needed.”
David Truswell, Drama Teacher Holy Trinity C.E. Senior School Halifax.*

“Very informative extremely useful.”
Alex Hindley, Drama Teacher, Mirfield Grammar, W.Yorks.

“Thank you! Very useful, especially on equipment.”
Kathie Mckelland Ilkey Grammar School.*

“Superbly organized, very informative and stimulating. I have gained a great deal of knowledge.”
Ivan Lister, Class Teacher/expressive Arts co-or,Deighton Gates Primary school Wetherby.*

“Very enjoyable and informative day. Very well paced with clear explanations of many effects and different equipment.”
C Evans, Drama/ Performing arts Teacher, Howden Clough School, Batley. *

“Excellent, enjoyable, I learned a lot, which I’m sure will be of value to me in the future productions.”
Beverley Whitehead, Head of drama, Hipperholme Grammar School.

“Useful & well structured from the simple basics to more complex uses of lights. (The mini theatre was brilliant) will allow me to go away and apply some of the ideas.”
C Todd, Head of Drama, Royds Hall High school, Huddersfield.

“Superb logical approach, down to earth explanations!”
Rachel Lavel, Drama Teacher, St. Thomas A Becket Catholic Comp. Wakefield.

“Good course, a little too technical for me in places but I managed to keep up! I enjoyed the special effects, but the most useful was the basic info. about types of lights, angles, colours, and gobos.”
Belinda Mansel, Head of Drama, The Kings School.

“Interesting and helpful course.”
J Briggs, Deputy Head, Leeds Girls High school.*

“Very useful indeed.”
Martin Scriven, Technician, Huddersfield New College.

Moorlands 6th Form Centre Cheadle Staffordshire of the combined Lighting and Makeup workshops  given on the 16th September 2002.

“The students were full of praise for your workshop in today’s lesson. Using the photos and their new knowledge they have made a wall display for the drama room, which a lot of other students have flocked to see.”

Kate Doughty Moorlands School

Class of 17 year olds.

” It was amazing to discover how much impact effective lighting can have on the dramatic atmosphere of the stage!”
Lucy Wooliscroft.

” An interesting and enjoyable day. a great help for my drama course.”
Jenny Cooper.

” I learned so much. It was a brilliant day!”
Laura Deaville.

” It was really enjoyable. The practical, hands on approach made it really easy to learn.”
Robert Hunt.

” I found the workshop very entertaining and the techniques which he used were fascinating.”
Carly Brunt.

” I found the workshop not only informative, but also very enjoyable – a great learning experience.”
Sinead Carroll.

” The workshop was a chance to learn techniques I can use in college.”
Elizabeth Dale.

” The workshop was really informative and well presented.”
Lisa Marie Taylor.

” I had an interesting day. I learned all about lights and different effects.”
Becki Jones.

” A fab day with lots of new things learned. I found it very exciting.”
Carli Poxton.

” John’s workshop was enLIGHTening!!!!”
Luke Fitzgerald, workshop fanatic.

” I found the day interesting and I learned a lot about the effectiveness of lighting.”